Victoria Briana Pope Curry


Kelly Lamont Richardson

Wedding Party

Bonita Curry

Maid of Honor/Mother of the Bride

I was first introduced to Victoria on Monday, December 1, 1986, when she was evacuated from my womb via C-section. While it's hard to choose just one, a favorite memory was visiting Ghana in 2000. Even though visiting the slave castle was a somber experience, Victoria helped me see the silver lining thinking about how joyful the ancestors would have felt knowing we were back home.

Keith Hodges

Best Man

Over the years, Kelly and I have engaged in a lot of responsible fun. We became really good friends when we sat at the same lunch table sophomore year of highschool That’s when I realize we had total opposite of views in just about everything. He would stir up controversy and it was hilarious. My best memory, is when Kelly got pulled over for "not wearing a seat belt" (we both were) . The cop asked for our licenses but somehow managed to write my name and license number with Kelly’s address. Long story short, months later Kelly gave me a letter that stated my license had been suspended because of an unpaid seatbelt ticket.

Monica Cross

Matron of Honor

Victoria and I met in the fall of 2005 on the campus of Spelman College. Both interested in Delta, I tried to sabotage her chances by dying her hair red because I'm a bonafide hater. My favorite memory of Vic is driving from Maryland to Atlanta for a funeral. While a somber event, I love that Vic is the type of person you can throw absolutely anything at and she'll say "I'm down."

Walter Starghill III

Best Man

Kelly and I met at Purdue University during my high school visit. Our instant bond is a part of why I chose to attend. Thanks a lot! It’s difficult to choose a best memory with a close friend. One of my best memories was our trip to Colorado. We “skied” and I was a nervous wreck trying to ensure the engagement ring was delivered to Kelly without Victoria noticing. Whew!

LaKesha Cortes


Victoria and I met when she was eating by herself in the cafe during freshmen orientation and I invited her to her table. My favorite memory was when we were eating at a trendy restaurant during NYC Fashion Week. After horrendous service and 45 minutes worth of failed attempts to flag down the waitress for the check, Victoria made an executive decision and we walked out.

Marland Richardson


Kelly and I met in Indianapolis through the local Beautillion. We quickly become friends and later life time brothers. Our mothers at the time colluded for us both to go to Purdue University. Favorite memory, waking up to Twista's Kamikaze album every morning while we were college roomates for a summer.

Shaynea Williams


I met Vic at Spelman College in the cafeteria. I’m pretty sure it was fried chicken day. She was introduced to me by our mutual friend Bernetta and the rest is history. My favorite memory of Vic honestly is us just hanging out at our apartment in college, some of those shared experiences and late night conversations helped shape me as a woman so forever grateful for that.

Carlos Banks II


Crazy to say that I met Kelly 26 years ago now. We met in middle school growing up in Indianapolis. My best memory was actually re-meeting Kelly. We did not attend the same high school, and we met each other again on the first day of school at Purdue. It was amazing running into each other again, and we have been close since.

Miysha Girardeau


It's hard to say exactly when Vic and I met but I always say it was when we were 8 years old at St. Stephen's church in Lansing, MI. Although we went to different schools, we remained close throughout the years, even both attending Spelman together. My favorite memories with Vic are running those NYC streets together during med school. From MSU alumni bars to black tie galas, we did it all!

Stephen Mitchell


Met in 04 via BOP at Purdue but really became roommates cause neither one of us had done what was necessary to get a normal dorm. Best memory is Kelly teaching me how to fill out a FAFSA form properly, lol.

Solis Jules Curry Richardson

cherished one

Steven James


Kelly and I met freshman year in high school. We wrestled a few times throughout high school. I’ll let you ask him how that went (HAHA!). Best memory with Kelly would be our trip to Montreal and attended our first RAVE!!!! INSANE!!!!

Theodore Curry II

Father of the Bride

Calle Richardson

Mother of the Groom

Anne Vrooman Curry

Stepmother of the Bride

Michael Richardson

Father of the Groom

Michael Richardson Jr

Ceremony Host

Ollie Thomas Richardson

Stepmother of the Groom